Made in God’s Image 31-Day Devotional: Volume 1

Cultivating a Divine Perception

Book Cover: Made in God’s Image 31-Day Devotional: Volume 1

This 31 Day Devotional Volume 1 is one of Twelve (12) Volumes that serve as an accompanying guide to the book "Made In God's Image." The thoughts and prayers embedded within it is guaranteed to challenge your present paradigm, and shift your perspective to consider your true identity in Christ, not just from a purely human perspective as we know it, but from a divine perspective that will bring to light what it truly means to be human.

It is not a play on words, but a transcendent conversation based on selected Scriptural passages that seek to move us from stagnation, to divine motion in understanding that our journey as Christians was meant to be one of continuous transformation, and theological development as new revelation is released to move us from a babe in Christ, into maturity and prepare us for the Coming Age of Perfection.

Publisher: HCP Book Publishing
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