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God’s Free Gift To You

All are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. (Romans 3:24)

“Justified” is by far one of my favorite words. To be justified means that we have been declared sinless, just as if we did not sin. This applies to all sins: past, present, and future. Yes, it can be argued that we are unworthy and undeserving, but having the same mind as Christ will open our eyes to the fact that God truly loves us. He could have put conditions on His grace, but He didn’t. He extended His love to us free of cost.

Sin separated us from God but God dealt with our sin by becoming sin (See 2 Corinthians 5:21) and removing it from our context. This is a glorious reality for us. Our sin was nailed to the cross so we no longer have to live isolated from God. We no longer have to exist outside of a relationship with our Creator. But we can still be separated from Him if we reject His work in our minds, if we think we don’t deserve to be justified by grace and continue to walk in condemnation. That is not what God wants for us. God bids us come, sit, and dine with Him. He has paid the price to make this all possible. We simply need to believe.


Father, thank You for removing the influence of sin from my reality that I may live from the perspective of righteousness, and not from the perspective of sin. I confess my faults to You, and repent for violating Your desire for me to walk in Your ways. I accept Yoru gift of love, grace and eternal mercy, in Jesus Name.

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