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Taking Your Seat With Christ


And raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. (Ephesians 2:6 – ESV)

The first book I read about heaven was by Randy Alcorn. It was really good, but nothing compared to what I know about heaven now. I always questioned how the men and women of the Bible were able to have such profound, spiritual experiences, but I understand now that they had access to something that we have access to in an even greater measure today because Jesus came and restored all things.

We have talked about Jesus’ prayer in the Book of John, that we be with Him where He is. So, where is Jesus now? If you said everywhere, then you are correct. If Jesus is everywhere, and we are with Him because we died, rose and ascended with Him when we became born again, then where are we? We were wrong to put heaven in the future, when Jesus made it a reality for us now.

So, a couple years ago, another great supernatural move begun. We have seen isolated pockets of this in our history, but the move would die with the people at the helm. This time, the ‘anointing’ was spreading like wild fire, as if a whole bunch of people from across the globe was just waking up to the supernatural reality. The term ‘bringing heaven to earth’ was coined, and it became a thing. A lot of church uses it in their Sunday morning language today.

Paul is very explicit when he talks about our identity and position in Christ. He had the experience of being caught up, and while it is obvious he shared so little with us, I believe he fulfilled his goal to make us conscious of the fact that we can be caught up too. He says, we are already there. A seat has been prepared for you, and all you need to do is take your seat. If you can’t see, do it by faith. And by faith, live from that place. Train yourself to consciously speak and think from that place. I promise you, if you practice this daily, it will change your life by opening realms and dimensions of possibilities you never thought possible.


Father, I thank You that when Jesus died, I died. When He was buried, I was buried. When He was raised from the dead, I was raised from the dead. When He ascended, I ascended, and I am seated with Christ. I thank You that where Jesus is, I am also there. I ask now that You would make me conscious of this reality. Allow me to see, hear and know by virtue of my true identity in Christ. I take my seat with Him, by faith, in Jesus Name.

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